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Here you can take a picnic at one of the ‘secret’ temples of Angkor. Although located near to Angkor Wat, Prasat Thom Temple and Prasat Prey are rarely visited by tourists and in some cases, we may be the only people visiting. It’s unusual, considering it’s close proximity to Angkor Wat. Therefore, we refer to these temples as the “secret temples of Angkor”.

Both temples were built by King Jayavarman VII and were completed around the same time as the Bayon temple in the 12th century. These Buddhist temples are small but very beautiful and you will have no problems getting some great photos away from the huge swathes of tourists who visit Angkor Wat each day.

We will also take a picnic on-site and we can start this half day tour either in the morning or the afternoon. If you opt for the morning tour, we’ll take a look around the two secret temples before starting our picnic. If you opt for the afternoon tour, we will eat lunch before exploring these magnificent temples.